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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can BWREG do to stop foreclosure and help us keep our home?
BWREG can help you stop foreclosure, help you stabilize your mortgage situation and get you back on track with your mortgage with your mortgage, while helping you create a financial budget within your means to help you stay on track once we've helped you get back on track.


Since January 2007 BWREG's expertise has negotiated literally hundreds of loans on our client's behalf getting them caught-up and back on track with their mortgage.


With a little cooperation from you, BWREG can help you protect your home, your assets and your credit without borrowing additional money.

2. Can BWREG help even after my lender's attorneys are involved? 

In most cases, YES. BWREG has helped, literally, hundreds of clients in the past ten (10) years resolve their mortgage difficulties even after the mortgage lender's attorneys have become involved (this of course is contingent upon how far in the foreclosure process you currently are).

3. My lender told me I must pay them all the money I am behind or they will do nothing for me. Can BWREG still help me? 

BWREG has gotten literally hundreds of clients into "Mortgage Assistance Programs" (loan modifications and other workout programs) to get them caught up and back on track with their mortgage even after their mortgage lender insisted on all back payments or nothing. Once BWREG can demonstrate that you can once again afford your home, with our negotiating skills, we are confident we can get you into a "Mortgage Assistance Program" to get you caught up and back on track with your mortgage.

4. What happens after I become a BWREG client? 
After you become a BWREG client, BWREG notifies your mortgage lender and any attorneys that may be involved of our assistance and requests specific information from them to immediately begin the process of resolving your mortgage difficulties and stopping your foreclosure.

BWREG creates a Proposal For Modification (showing them exactly what modification(s) you qualify for) that's in accordance with lender (servicer) guidelines and then we begin the negotiating process on your behalf.

BWREG will update you throughout the entire foreclosure prevention process, this way you will know exactly what is happening, every step of the way. We ask that you timely supply us with a few pieces of information, keep lines of communication open, save your mortgage money and BWREG does the rest.


And should you have any questions or concerns at any time throughout the Foreclosure Prevention-Default Resolution process, please, just give us a call at 817.783.4444


5. What if I can not afford my home, what can BWREG do to help me then? 
If you feel that you can not afford your home and would like to SELL your home, we will provide assistance. We work with a number of real estate investors that look to purchase pre-foreclosure or short-sale properties prior to auction. We have buyers all across Texas and even out-of-state that are always looking to buy properties. BWREG may also purchase the property in some situations. This will allow you to sell your home before a foreclosure sale has taken place.


Call 817.783.4444 



Call 817.783.4444