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Are you behind, or on the verge of getting behind in your mortgage payments and want to keep your home? Have you tried getting a Loan Modification or filed for bankruptcy and have recently been denied? Do you feel you may be getting the run-around and not quite sure what to do to stop foreclosure and get back on track? Call Monette Properties today.

Our 1st priority is to help you avoid foreclosure and keep your home. We're happy to answer all your questions. We will explain exactly how we can help you stop further foreclosure action against you. We will also discuss the foreclosure process with you in detail. We will explain all options available to you and explain exactly what type of assistance we can offer you.


Monette Properties utilizes skilled professionals, including bankruptcy attorneys, real estate attorneys and lawyers and foreclosure attorneys to negotiate with mortgage lenders and trustees to find ways to stop or delay the process, whichever works best.  

It isn't easy to get a foreclosure stopped and it's a very problematic issue for families to deal with. Foreclosures can mean a number of things, including damage to your credit score as well as losing your home and ability to obtain financing for big ticket purchases.


With you in mind, we are available 24/7 to cater to you.  It's never too late to call; we've stopped foreclosures as late as the day before auction. Don't wait, give us a call today!

Helping Homeowners Since 2007 

We continually update all clients on the progress of the foreclosure prevention process. Not only will we continually give you updates until your mortgage situation is resolved, we will also inform you of the next appointment scheduled to contact your lender/servicer, so you will know exactly what is going on with your account at all times. And should you ever have any questions, just give us a call, at 409-223-2720.

Call us toll-free 409-223-2720, click on Contact Us and receive your Free, No Obligation, Foreclosure Prevention Consultation. Call us and receive your Free Consultation today!

Texas Foreclosure Prevention by helps Texas Homeowners stop foreclosures in the following counties: 

  • Tarrant

  • Denton

  • Dallas

  • Collin

  • Harris

  • Bexar

  • Travis

  • Parker

  • Jefferson


"I was facing foreclosure on my home and the bank was threatening to kick our family out. We have 4 incredible kids and didn't know how to break the news to them. We were stunned because we thought it was unrealistic that we would lose the house. We called Friday night prior to the auction. The agent (Greg)  was very helpful and aided us through the process, connecting me with a local attorney throughout the weekend. On Monday, we pushed and pushed and finally on Tuesday, the day of the auction, we got word that the foreclosure was stopped and that not only would the foreclosure proceedings stop, but we also would be able to stay in our home for a few months, without having it on our record or getting kicked out immediately" -J. Htown 

"My aunt was struggling to make her mortgage payments due to her declining health. We found out that she had taken out a reverse mortgage on her home to help pay medical bills. We were confused, stressed, worried, didn't know what to do. We came across Betterway Properties through a post from a friend on facebook. I called the number and they got on it immediately.Soon after, we met in person, exchanged information, they spoke with the lender and had us on 3-way and negotiated a lowerpayoff and were able to help my aunt out.  We decided it'd be best to sell the home to recoup some equity and pay medical bills. Betterway Properties purchased her home and did it in the same week!" -Barb. Dallas