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Monette Properties, LLC

7740 Dale Ln Houston, TX 77040


My name is

Gregory Monette Jr.


I am the Regional Director of Monette Properties. Our company purchases homes and provides housing solutions throughout the DFW, all around Texas and around the nation. I'm from the small town of Beaumont, Texas, so I understand the importance of integrity and unity in communities. I understand and know what it means to invest with purpose.

Who We Are:


We are a family-based business that services the DFW area as well as the Beaumont, TX area. Since 2016, we have analyzed hundreds of homes as investors, surveying multiple markets and in 2017 purchased our first set of investment properties and became licensed in the state of Texas to perform real estate transactions. 

Through We do deals boy.


Our goal is to improve communities by providing:


  • Jobs

  • Community scholarship (real estate and business acquisitions)

  • Revitalization of neighborhoods

  • Affordable housing to all.


We are committed to invest in those communities that we buy in with purpose and that purpose starts with you.

Investing With