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Jan 5, 2017

Does anyone know anything about breaking leases?

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Edited: Jan 5, 2017

Information about lease breaking

Jan 5, 2017

Typically, it depends on the landlord. If it's an apartment, it's usually a little more difficult. However, if you have a short time left (less than 3 months) on your lease, landords way me lenient and waive the fee, especially if you have someone that can sublease or move in behind you.


Landlords mainly care about the income that the property generates. Lease terms are important because they guarantee the landlord that they will receive that amount each month until the lease expires. As long as that cash flow comes in each month, the landlord is happy. If you can get someone to fill the lease and pay the owner the remaining balance owed or pay the fee that comes with breaking the fee, you should be fine. Landlords want that guaranteed cash flow and breaking leases typically disrupt them.

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